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Our customers have a brilliant opportunity to have meals on the territory of the boarding house in the newly built canteen, situated approximately at 50-100 meters from the cottages.

You can have one, two or three meals a day at your wish. Menu includes various dishes from European and Crimean - Tatar cuisine, cooked by our professional cooks. During meals you will be served by attentive and caring waiters. You can also have a personal menu as well. While you let your hair down on the beach, the canteen staff do their best in the kitchen to surprise you with their delicious dishes.

You can also buy fruit and vegetables on the markets of the North Shore of Sevastopol as well as in the settlements Uchkuevka and Loubimovka and on the beaches. You can enjoy natural grape wines made by the Alcadar wine-making plant (state farm Sophia Perovskaya, situated in a 30-minute walk from the boarding house) as well as wines of other Crimean wine-making plants.

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